I was there.....

Well here I am. My very first blog post and I wanted this one to be special. You see I'm not a big journal person. I don't write down all my feelings every day. Often it's hard for me to come up with a catchy caption. Which is funny because when I was in school essays were my deal. I could spin out an essay like no other. As I've gotten older the words have left me. So I've decided to try to challenge myself a little more. Write more, feel more, get the words out. I think that's why I like taking pictures because the picture speaks for me. This post is special because it's about the connection between my two happy children.

These two. My middle and youngest. She is a ray of sunshine. Always happy, always treating others with love, and is the helper. He is 90 percent of the time the sweet boy. 10 percent drama king. They always get along because they love to have fun, but they are also the hardest for me to direct when it comes to mom's picture challenges. I'm always in some group that has a theme challenge because that makes me better at what I do. So on this day I asked them if they would help me. I bribed them with Andie's Mints, got out a fan, told them they could wear whatever they wanted and just let them have fun. He of course wanted to go shirtless, so did she but that wasn't an option lol! We started out with bear hug attacks and ended up with a session I will never forget. This connection you see is true sibling love. They really do love each other and nothing makes my heart more full than seeing them in their element laughing and having fun. Moments like this are what I want to share with my children. I was there.....and I'm so proud to be their Mom.